How you can help

From Egs Mayhem

Well, young bunny. You've just stumbled on this little wiki we got going on here. And we need YOU to help make this thing look almost professional.

  • Create an account, so we can trace your every you can be more active in this thing. Yeah.
  • Create the page for yourself and add it to the database on the main page. Or, if it's already on there and a stub, improve on it.
  • Improve game and RP articles to get them above stub status, cause lord knows I have no idea what goes on in those RPs.
  • We're aiming for a mixture of helpful (like guides to RPs) and silly (e.g. socks).
  • There are trolls out there, and there are spambots and other such dangers. Fix damage done by either of these until an Admin or an Order member can help.
  • Build on this thing, cause I'm out of ideas.
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